SUSE is the original provider of the world's first commercial-enterprise Linux distribution—and it shows. As the single most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing, SUSE puts the "open" in open-source computing by fitting in just about anywhere and working with just about anything. Thrill your customers with solutions that plug into their existing infrastructures, make the most of their budgetary and compute resources (without eroding your sales margins or services revenue) and address every challenge‚Ķfrom optimizing the performance of mission-critical applications to deploying cloud-based apps with just a few mouse-clicks.

This year, you will need to pass two exams to meet the PartnerNet requirements for obtaining a SUSE Sales Specialization certificate. Start by taking the course "Foundation: Open Source, Linux and SUSE." Then choose one (or more!) focus area courses to specialize in. After you pass the exam for the Foundation course, each additional exam that you pass in the different focus area(s) will give you a SUSE Sales Specialization certificate for each specific area of study.