The Program

Independent Software Vendors

The SUSE Ready Program for Software Developers is intended as support for software application developers, in the Linux user space, to provide their customers with information about SUSE Linux compatibility. The Ready Program is different from the YES Certified Program in that it addresses software providers.

Independent Hardware Vendors

Program Purpose

Benefits for Customers

The SUSE Ready Program for Software Developers gives a level of comfort to customers by identifying:

  • Software applications that function well with SUSE Software
  • Vendors that offer support for the product developed in the specified SUSE environment

Benefits for ISV and SUSE

  • Enables SUSE to advertise a software vendor's product in support of SUSE Linux

Applicable to

  • All Linux user space application programs, including command-line utilities and applications, and Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications


Program Participation and Acceptance

The Program is open to all software developers who wish to establish and provide compatibility information with the SUSE Linux software environment. To participate:

PartnerNet Program

Already a Partner?

  • Help Desk Email PartnerNet to add your information to an existing partner account
  • Core Benefits are provided to all PartnerNet members, including access to software, updates, logos, etc.

SUSE Ready Program

  • Perform the level of QA testing that is required by your company to deliver support of the SUSE Linux environment
  • Document your support of SUSE Linux for your product
  • Become familiar with the SUSE software environment and make sure you have resources to work with SUSE, should an issue arise
  • SUSE Partner Software Catalog Create an entry for your product, using your PartnerNet login
  • SUSE ISV Team Alternatively, you may request help to get an entry created. They will send you a short form to fill in and email back, stating your support of SUSE Linux
  • Confirm your product posting in the SUSE Partner Software Catalog
  • Download the Ready for SLES logo and use it with your product documentation

Program Resources