We're all being asked to do more with less. Your customers' expectations are no different. Partnering with SUSE enables you to build and deliver solutions that help your customers reduce costs, manage complexity and mitigate risk—and accelerate your success.

Our products and technologies shamelessly integrate into mixed IT environments, giving you the ability to protect and extend your customers' existing IT investment. In addition, we can help you speed up your development process and gain access to customers and partners. As a partner, you can tap into our growing customer base and network of thousands of partners.


Make the Most of your Partnership

The PartnerNet program offers you the maximum in flexibility, collaboration, access and control. Hardware vendors are enrolled and supported at the AllianceNet level upon successful completion of an OEM or Corporate Alliance agreement.

Manufacturers of computer hardware interested in compatibility and certification of their products with products and solutions are invited to contact PartnerNet. Through planning, the partner will define mutual business goals that may result in a partnership that is formalized through the creation of a custom contract.

The contract establishes and defines the Performance Values as agreed between the partner and SUSE and will typically include goals for revenue, certified products, demand generation and joint business development.

PartnerNet Program Requirements

Join PartnerNet and Discover:

  • A proven infrastructure software platform from the desktop to the data center
  • Aggressive pricing to accelerate your profit potential
  • Robust development tools and testing and hardware certification resources to speed your time to market
  • Comprehensive technical support from the development cycle to the front-line support team
  • A company ready to help you succeed