Imagine what's possible when you can help learners leverage and extend IT investments. Join PartnerNet and discover how to enable your school, college or university for even greater success as an Academic Training Partner.

We enable you to help students and teachers develop lifelong interest and expertise in computing technologies and open source software to give them an edge in today's technology-driven world. Experience the benefits of partnering with an industry leader. Give your students the skills, knowledge and training they need to launch successful IT careers.

The Academic Training Partner program is the ideal and affordable way to teach SUSE technologies to your students. Imagine what’s possible when you can help students discover the potential of Open Source software.


PartnerNet delivers a core set of benefits to all members as well as an additional set of benefits for Training Partners that choose to specialize.


Discover New Ways to Enable Success

The PartnerNet program is built on a value-based approach to recognize and reward Academic Training providers for the total unique value they provide in the marketplace. We provide an engine for mutual revenue growth and attainment of partnership goals through a flexible program environment that aligns resources and investment with commitment and value to drive maximum performance.

Based on the level of commitment and custom contract requirements, the AllianceNet level of membership is open to Academic Training Providers.

PartnerNet Program Requirements

Join PartnerNet and Discover:

  • An exclusive Training Locator where students find your course offerings
  • Opportunities to boost your revenues by offering testing
  • Industry-recognized training materials
  • A value-based model to recognize and reward you for your value in the marketplace