The Certified Salesperson Training courses introduce you to three Micro Focus businesses: NetIQ®, Novell® and SUSE®. Each course lays the foundation for partnering with these businesses, with strategic overviews, solution areas, product portfolios, and tools and training that are available to you through Sales Enablement.

Certified NetIQ

Certified NetIQ Salesperson: IT Operations Management Track

NetIQ gives your customers a way to "get a handle" on it all—the critical business services, the operational risks, and the policy-compliance challenges they face. Show them how they can leverage NetIQ solutions to manage the often-overwhelming complexity of dynamic, highly distributed application environments and the data that flows through them.

Certified NetIQ Salesperson: Identity, Security and Governance Management Track

Identity is the heart of identity, security and governance control. Show your customers how to use identity, roles, and policies to control privileges, access and provisioning for distributed environments across multiple platforms—including Windows and Linux. Bring their systems together to form a single view of operations…a view that can be tailored to the needs of whatever decision-maker is looking at it. And thrill them with powerful solutions that address their most stringent identity, security and compliance needs, with governance oversight across their entire infrastructure and depth that drills down to the smallest details.

Certified Novell

Certified Novell Salesperson

It's the year of the user, where mobility is driving productivity to new heights…but only for customers who know how to make the most of what's fast becoming a mission-critical must-have: workforce productivity that works anytime, from anywhere, on pretty much any device. Novell makes it possible for inundated IT organizations say "Yes" to whatever users throw at them. Show your customers how to mobilize mobility and take collaborative interactions to the next level even as they enhance the vital endpoint-management infrastructure that underpins user services on the network.

SUSE Sales Specialist

SUSE Sales Specialist 2016